Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cataclysm Cinematic is out!

Many of you may know already, but the opening cinematic sequence for Cataclysm is out. Here it is!

It feels a lot like the WotLK cinematic, which also concentrated heavily on the rise of the cover nemesis, as well as a monologue, except in WotLK the monologue was by Arthas' father. And why does Deathwing hate Stormwind? We get facerolled by Arthas in Lordaeron, and just when we get a king, a dragon appears. It makes me wonder if the horde has any reason to fight Deathwing. Minus the whole death to the world thing, they don't really have a history with the gargantuan former Earth Warden.

Deathwing wrecked the Night Elves in the War of the Ancients, ravaged Stormwind, and forced the dwarves into hiding. Gnomes aren't a lore-rich race and the draenei have only recently began their tale in our realm. On the other hand, the orcs messed with the red dragonflight, Deathwing's archnemesis, using Deathwing's own Demon's Soul. The goblins even helped Deathwing become what he is, attaching smoldering plates onto his body. Why would they go against the most powerful being Azeroth has ever seen? It's not in their best interest. I'd say wait until he destroys the Alliance, then kill him with the army of Blood Elf Paladins and Death Knights that the Horde is famous for.


  1. Can't wait for Cataclysm!!

    Nice blog mate, I'll be following you

  2. I'll definitely show my brother this. He's pumped for Cataclysm.

  3. saw this on another blog, and i'm pretty pumped to say the least

  4. who's deathwing??
    what do you mean he destroyed night elf?? i dont get it

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